Danny was a great guy, a real peach, and we all hated him.

You might've heard about Danny. He's a Righteous Dude. Looks smart, acts smart, does everything for all the right reasons.  Lives to serve, serves to live - you know the type. Loved by all. Well, mostly all. The boys and I, we had our issues with his lifestyle.

He has a great pad, living in a quiet room at the top of the tallest building in the city, looking out over it like a sentinel, seeing from that dizzy height what no one else can see, or wishes to see. Top of the world. Probably feels like it, too.

Truth is, he's a madman, a lunatic. Some say he's a visionary, but that's stretching a point. He's completely nuts. If it weren't for the fact that the political winds have always blown in his favor, he would have been gone long ago. Yet there he is, still watching over us all like a primordial vulture, living in his archaic dream-world, judging us, condemning us.

He's a god-fanatic.

The boys on the Council have tolerated him because the people love him. People! You know how they can be. Sentimental. Ignorant. Easily roused to anger. And no one wants to rouse the anger of the people. Too many politicians have ignored the sentiment of the people and found themselves swinging from the end of a rope. Or worse. So they tolerate him. And wait. Sooner or later, he's bound to do something completely insane, and then they'll have him!

But god. Religion. Invisible beings who meddle in human affairs, bending the laws of physics into random shapes in order to give precedence of one man over another. It would be laughable if it wasn't so ... dangerous. And the Boss knows this. He knows this.  How could he not know this?

The funny thing is, the Boss likes Daniel. It's like they're old college buddies or something. Daniel likes to come up to the office sometimes and just jabber mindlessly like some braying donkey, not even hearing the inanities that are coming out of his mouth. And the Boss listens.  Sure, sometimes he laughs and jokes around and rolls his eyes, but you can see that gets into it. I mean, he actually listens. It's like there's some magnetic pull that ol' Daniel has him, and even when he's spouting nonsense, the Boss can't turn away from him.

Now I'm not saying that the Boss is going to suddenly drop to his knees and start praying to some Invisible Being. He's not an idiot. But, like I said, he really likes Daniel.

The boys and I, well, we're a little worried that all that crap coming out of Daniel's mouth is going to start to have an effect on things. On the Boss. On us. So we came up with a little plan. We decided to put together a little proposal for the Boss, something that sounded like a great deal, something that would appeal to his vanity - he had quite a bit - and, at the same time, put Danny in his place.

The way things work around here, when the Boss says something, that's the way it is. The Law. And he doesn't back down from anything, because he has that much pride. One of these days, it'll be his downfall; but for now, that's the way it is.

So we came up with the Loyalty Oath. It really wasn't much of anything, just a stiff-arm salute to the Boss whenever he came into the room. Kind of like saying, Hey, we acknowledge that you're the Boss, and we'll die for you. Pretty cool gimmick, actually.

And we knew ol' Danny wouldn't go for it. See, he's got his priorities kind of mixed up. He says that this god of his comes first. But, hey, what are you gonna do when the Boss says one thing and this 'god' says something else? A man's gotta know which way the wind blows so he leans the right way, or else he gets blown over.

And it was time for Danny to get blown.

The boys and I talked it over with the Boss late one night after drinks, making sure he was in a really good mood, relaxed and mellow. He went for it, big-time. Thought it was a fantastic idea. In fact, he kind of went overboard on it, insisting that not just the boys on the Council give over, but everyone in the City. Well, it might take some doing, but we figured we could put the word out. Might have to bang a few heads to make sure there wasn't any problems, but it should work.

We had made sure the Secretary was ready. He wrote it up and got the Boss's signature, and from that point on, it was Law.

And for Danny, it was only a matter of time.

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